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Should Editors and Reporters Live in the Communities They Cover?

The Daily Pilot finally has a new managing editor after about three months. The paper ran a story about it today.

I find it interesting that the editor doesn't live in the communities the paper covers. He doesn't even live in Orange County.

I used to work in Contra Costa County, but I lived in San Francisco -- three counties and just about a universe away. So I know what I'm talking about when I say that you aren't as connected when you don't live in the place you work.

I'm not saying he'll do a bad job, but it made me think -- I may be one of only two reporters and editors who live in Newport Beach/Corona del Mar. I know of one television reporter who lives nearby.

What do you think? Can the media do a good job covering an area if they don't live there, send their kids to school there, pay taxes there and feel committed there?

Or is it better this way -- more neutral, with a clearer overall vision?

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