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I've been working really, really hard for going on a year. The more success I taste, the harder I want to work. I've really improved the site -- I used to post once a day, maybe a lost pet notice. Now I'm covering harbor patrol rescues and council hearings and Coastal Commission. I'm breaking stories -- leaving legacy media reporters following me by hours or days or sometimes, just giving up and not bothering to compete.

It's all fun and very very satisfying.

However. I also have freelance (paying) work. And two little kids. And a house. Of course I have a book club, and I joined a gym and try not to miss exercise.

The result? Lately, I've been working hard and not paying as much attention to kids. Night meetings. Morning meetings. Going out of town. Writing all the time. Not checking homework, not kissing goodnight. Work work work, loving it, but clearly letting important things slide.

I've noticed my 7-year-old getting a little snotty, and then today, she had a mini breakdown after missing a word on a spelling test. It's like we're on different planets, and I think it's my fault.

I've decided to force myself to work a little less over the coming week -- we have this little weeklong break we dub "Ski Week" because so many families just skipped Presidents Week to ski, they finally just made it a vacation. We're not going away, but I think I'll try to take some steps back. Say no to a few things. Spend some good time with my kiddos.

Sometimes I think Corona del Mar Today is a drug, and I'm an addict.

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Comment by Tracy Record on February 13, 2010 at 11:41am
I worked that way for a year, after we took the turn-toward-news in late 2006, till I quit my TV job and we started selling ads in 2007. Our life is as you describe, only with one 14-year-old (birthday today!) and no side jobs. The laptop is glued to my lap. But if you truly love this, you have to be able to turn it into a business so you can do it fulltime. And we are no geniuses, so I know that if we did it, anyone can.

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